Granite Lazy Susan
Marble Lazy Susan
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Granite Lazy Susan

Marble Lazy Susan

we can offer almost any marble as a marble lazy susan
or any stone type as a stone lazy susan with  a special order.
please pick your marble or  any stone type you are interested and we will qoute i price for you as a marble lazy susan or a stone lazy susan mainly in sizes till 24" but in some cases even a larger marble lazy susan
the Marble Lazy Susan is mostly Made from ¾”- half inch   thick natural marble or salts  stones in different sizes 
the marble is  polished  can order honed in special order
the edge of the marble lazy susan mostly comes as flat polish 
the marble  lazy susan or the stone lazy susan comes with a low profile metal bearing (1/2”) base, easy to use with any kind of felt .
the advantage of this lazy susan product is the  durable, use the stone lazy susan is easy to clean and the natural stone is  enhancing the dinner table with a beautiful terning stone.
shipping cost is fix for the US continent (separate quote needs for Hawaii Alaska & Canada )
 lazy susan                       approximate  weight           aprox shipping handing cost
      12" 16"                            9 -15   pounds                                   $25

       18"-20"                          20-25 pounds                                     $29

        24" 26"                         35-42 pounds                                     $39-$49

        30"- 34"                        56-72 pounds                                      $95-$120